US Army’s Public Works Digest Article: Resource Efficiency Managers Earn Their Keep


The following text was published in the September/October ’06 issue of the Army’s “Public Works Digest” and directly reflects SEA’s qualifications and performance:

“The REM contract at Fort Polk has been in place for four years. The contract has proven to be perhaps the most successful REM program in the federal government. Nancy Varner and David Hopper, both certified energy managers, were combined as a tag-team to serve Fort Polk’s REM needs. Among other initiatives, Varner attained over $2 million in savings utility and ESPC (Energy Savings Performance Contracts) overpayments. Her results were so noteworthy that, in fiscal year 2004, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) named her its Army “Energy Champion.”

SEA REMs provided significant services beyond the scope of the contract. When Hurricane Rita left the post isolated from the local electrical grid, Mr Hopper applied his extensive background in electrical power transmission and distribution and he led the power restoration team in bringing Fort Polk back nearly 12 hours earlier than expected. This action alone resulted in over $1.2 million in productivity savings. Hopper also implemented numerous low- or no-cost projects. He renegotiated a discount for electricity to one of Polk’s two major electric service points [and] revamped the water billing rates to tenants, increasing reimbursements to the local Directorate of Public Works by $800,000. Combining the efforts of Ms. Varner and Mr. Hopper, Fort Polk’s REM service provider, Sain Engineering Associates, has been able to save Fort Polk about $5.2 million. This, in turn, has achieved a benefit-to-cost ratio of more than 8-to-1, sustained over four years. This means that for every one dollar ($1) Fort Polk invested in its REM contract, SEA returned it with over $8 in savings.