Three Tips for Saving Energy and Surviving a Birmingham Summer

There’s a saying in the South, “if you don’t like the weather, give it a minute.” In Birmingham, winter can be cold and wet but an Alabama summer can be brutal. Even in the dog days of August, someone in the office is going to adjust the thermostat because they are too cold. Often, this is the result of an inefficient system or design and it can cost your business money in energy usage and reduced productivity.

Whether you own your office building or whether you manage commercial property, you want to get the maximum return from your investment. Cutting the monthly costs of your energy usage can save you money, and headaches, in the long term.

Here are three useful ways to save energy—and increase revenue—with your commercial property.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Manage your energy usage by improving the equipment you use. When it is time to upgrade your equipment, look for certified Energy Star products. If your equipment is ten years old, or older, it is not running to maximum efficiency.

Cutting the monthly costs of your energy usage can save you money, and headaches, in the long term.

Energy Usage QuoteYou can also maximize your efficiency levels by using programmable thermostats to change the heating and cooling levels of your property automatically. Simply changing the temperature levels a few degrees when the office is not in use—on evenings or weekends, for example—you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

If you don’t know where to look for additional savings, an energy assessment can give your property a checkup and provide you with a professional diagnosis of ways to reduce your energy footprint.


Commissioning is a good way to design your property to meet your energy needs. Whether you are building from the ground up or doing a remodel project, consider hiring a commissioning agent to make sure your designs meet your energy use expectations. Commissioning fine tunes new, or existing, equipment for maximum comfort for your team and maximum performance for your cash flow goals.

Implement an Energy Dashboard

Installing Big Data equipment, like smart meters, can track your energy usage and benchmark it using analytic software applications. Actively monitoring your system’s performance can help you identify areas for improvement, and it can alert you when the system needs repairs or upgrades.

A comfortable office is a more productive office. If you are new to energy management as a business strategy, or whether you have been working at maintaining efficiency for years, these three simple ways are a good approach to staying cool all summer and saving energy for the long term.

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