TASC Labs Energy Assessment

SEA helped TASC Labs save more than $19k within a year of making improvements to their HVAC System.


TASC Labs Facts

40% Reduction of power bill per month
70% Reduction of natural gas bill per month
$19k Overall savings on utility costs
$60k Projected total savings annually

About the Facility

TASC is an analytical lab based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and a subsidiary of Inventure Renewables, which pioneers process technologies for the ultra-efficient extraction of natural biochemical and material building blocks for low-value waste to create biofuels, biochemicals and biomaterials. Sain Engineering Associates was contracted to reduce energy consumption by optimizing existing HVAC systems. 

Scope of Work

SEA started the project with an initial study of the existing equipment and conditions. This included analyzing gas and power bills while comparing them to buildings similar in size and scope. Our team quickly recognized that TASC’s energy use was unnaturally high. As we continued to investigate the entire HVAC system, we identified several problem issues, including: unsealed doors on the air handler and blocked diffusers for individual tenant space. 

The initial work included the following defined scope of work: 

  • Upgrading controls 
  • Reprogramming HVAC control sequences 
  • Testing HVAC equipment 
  • Training Personnel 

Within four months of SEA’s new energy savings measures being implemented, TASC labs reported: 

  • Reduced power bill of 40% per month 
  • Reduced natural gas bill of 70% per month 
  • Overall savings on utility costs of $19,000 
  • Projected total savings annually at $60,000 

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