What is REM?

A Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) is a full-time on-site energy professional whose primary focus is to augment your energy and water conservation program to achieve your site(s) conservation goals, meet federal mandates, and save money.  As an extension of your staff, the REM works with you to find and implement energy cost saving solutions.  These include the identification of inefficient practices, development of energy conservation solutions, low cost/no cost fixes, improved energy awareness, facilitation of third party financing or utility rebates, utility rate and billing analysis, program management and even identifying opportunities for renewable energy projects.

How much does an SEA REM cost? 

The REM is required to provide at least as much savings as their contract cost – – in other words “the REM earns their keep.”  This is done by actual cost savings and cost avoidance measures.  REMs have a longstanding history with the federal government of achieving these energy cost savings.  Over the past ten years, the REM concept has been supporting various federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and Architect of the Capitol. SEA REMs have averaged an annual ROI of 4:1, with a cumulative five (5) year total projected “first year” savings of $89M as of fiscal year 2011. SEA REM pricing is determined by the qualifications you request, geographic location, and the REMs travel requirements.

Why choose SEA? 

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) has twenty plus years of providing energy solutions and a documented track record of outstanding performance. SEA has been providing REM services to federal agencies since 2001. SEA is currently providing REM services to the Department of Defense including the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Air National Guard, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.  Other clients have included the General Services Administration, and the US Department of Agriculture. SEA is the leading small business providing REM services.

What types of tasks do REMs perform?

 Energy Awareness and Training – provide staff or end user training, author newspaper or publication articles, coordinate marquee messages, arrange Earth Day and Energy Awareness Month events or activities, assist in marketing of your energy conservation program, etc.

O&M Improvements – provide utility rates and billing reviews, identify low cost/no cost operational improvements, assess or monitor Building Automation System (BAS) or Energy Management Systems (EMS/EMCS), etc.

Project Facilitation – Review and bundle Energy Conservation Measures (ECM), develop project forms or packages, DD Forms 1391, Statements of Work, or BLCCs, LCCAs and/or eROIs. Perform new and existing building design reviews, conduct facility energy audits, etc.

Cost Analysis and Project Financing – Identify and process application submittals for grants, utility rebates or tax incentives, identify third party financing opportunities, perform life cycle cost analysis, simple pay back or savings to investment analysis, etc.

Sustainability and Renewable Energy Support – Identify and develop site specific renewable energy opportunities, perform LEED analysis and certification, provide Energy Star performance scoring, etc.

Program Management Support – Develop briefings or white papers, federal or local awards submissions, develop and review of strategic plans,  support data calls and annual reports, provide data management and analysis, develop or present briefings for senior leaders or C-level executives.  Essentially, all SEA REM activities are targeted toward helping our clients meet or exceed their resource energy solutions.

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