Resilience and Sustainability

SEA uses a comprehensive and customized process for conducting assessments and determining baselines for putting together resilience and sustainability recommendations.

Our team is well versed in conducting Energy and Water Evaluations, Installation Energy and Water Plans and Capital Investment strategies for your facility.

Facility owners have a responsibility to consider a broad array of potential threats and incident scenarios involving their sources of energy. An energy vulnerability evaluation leads to the complex task of identifying and choosing which hazards to guard against whether it’s a natural disaster or breach of cyber security. This process is essential to comprehensively and intelligently addressing all elements of energy security analysis. The resulting Energy Resiliency Plan provides a specific and detailed assessment of the risks and actions that need to be taken should there be an attack or loss of energy at any location.

SEA has provided value-added energy expertise to our clients through a comprehensive Energy as a Service solution which helps establish the framework for operational effectiveness. SEA has become a trusted partner to help navigate the complicated path of maintaining efficient, self-sustaining operations independent from the public grid. We help:

  • Identify critical facilities and energy sources
  • Analyze potential threats
  • Define a plan for continuing operations
  • Train
  • Plan for remedial action

We accomplish these tasks by providing:

  • Resilience Planning
    SEA has supported various military installations to develop and maintain a 14-day microgrid supply of water and energy to support the execution of critical missions should there be a disruption to general operations. We have worked with several bases to implement a culture change for improving energy efficiency and developing small and large scale projects across portfolios by successfully testing backup power systems for creating a more prepared, self-sustaining and resilient base.
  • Sustainability Consulting
    Our ultimate goal in everything we do is to ensure facilities operate at optimal sustainability. We can help your organization with its strategic planning by providing project requirements, cost consulting and action plans for increased resilience of your facility.
  • Installation Energy and Water Plans
    SEA has the unique knowledge of supporting the Army’s energy program and has become a trusted energy expert across the DoD and other federal and state agencies due to our technical expertise, support and training of the Installation Energy and Water Plans (IEWPs).


Resilience Strategies including Installation Energy and Water Planning

SEA has been instrumental in helping to develop resilience strategies – most recently with our work performed at Fort Knox. Additionally, SEA is the primary contractor partnering to develop and implement Installation Energy and Water Plans throughout the southeast and across the United States.

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