Predictive Analytics

SEA provides predictive analytics by using advanced tools, software and processes that leverage historical utility data to uncover real-time insights and to predict and prevent future problems.

By analyzing utility usage, we can better mitigate risk and help you to make more informed financial and product optimization decisions from SEA’s expert review and analysis:

  • Gain Transparency: Access the data, analytics and tools needed to make informed decisions
  • Maximize your time: Spend less time tracking down and analyzing information and more time making decisions that drive value
  • Perform asset valuations: Leverage utility data from macroeconomic fundamentals across your infrastructure portfolio or by each single facility
  • Reduce Risk: Confidently navigate potential pitfalls with increased predictive power
  • Leverage Dynamic Insight: Access all data from a succinct dashboard or single report
  • Improve Returns: Focus on the best opportunities for optimizing energy and water usage while identifying potential savings sooner rather than later