On-Site Energy Management as a Service

SEA provides full-time, on-site energy professionals to increase the effectiveness of energy programs by providing a full range of subject matter expertise and energy management support for on-site analysis of current operations, equipment, and energy purchasing programs.

Energy bills are one of the main factors eating away at business profits. To make matters worse, it’s also one of the main culprits of increasing the carbon footprint of your facility. We can help you solve both those problems using the latest innovations in the energy industry and energy management.

What Is Energy Management? 

On-Site Energy Management

We collaborate with your team to find and implement energy cost-saving solutions as an extension of your staff. Our network and bench of licensed professional engineers and certified energy managers are extensive, and we can supplement your services with one of our contracted industry experts.

In addition to all facility engineering services offered by SEA, the programs listed below are most successful when on-site energy professionals are engaged and embedded within your teams.

Additional On-Site Energy Programs Offered at SEA

At SEA, our team of experts offers more than just relentless integrity – we offer the very best in tailor-made energy efficiency solutions. We provide a comprehensive list of energy management services to each of our clients, including:

  • Energy audits at the ASHRAE Levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Planning and design of energy projects
  • Management of energy project implementation
  • Optimization of utilities
  • Monitoring and control of electrical demand
  • Systems for alternative, cogeneration, and renewable energy
  • System evaluation and validation (M&V)

Your account manager at SEA will help you find a turnkey solution best suited to your operation.

Additional On-Site Energy Programs

  • Energy Awareness and Conservation Assessment Programs (EACA)
    Energy conservation is critical because the use of nonrenewable resources has an impact on our environment. This can be accomplished by identifying waste and loss areas. SEA will teach you how to reduce energy consumption using fewer energy services.

    We can then recommend low-cost or no-cost solutions to increase efficiencies through technological upgrades and improved operations and maintenance.
  • Energy Engineering Analysis Programs (EEAP)
    The Energy Engineering Analysis Program is a gateway to finding appropriate solutions to your facility’s energy and sustainability goals. To achieve these objectives, SEA employs a comprehensive and customized EEAP process that includes conducting assessments and establishing baselines for constructing a more resilient facility.

Benefits OF Energy Management Services

There are several reasons why energy efficiency services are vital for every company. They can not only improve operational costs but also offer custom and tailor-made solutions to enhance the operations and the costs of running a business. The benefits include:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Understanding your energy use
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Installation of state-of-the-art energy management solutions

The Process of Energy Management Services

The process of energy management varies depending on your operation’s individual needs at the time. Each service is retro-fitted to suit your exact needs. Preliminary procedures include an on-site analysis and consultation with relevant stakeholders within your facilities. An account manager will be assigned to your project.

Once an initial analysis has been completed, a report will be drawn up, including recommended steps. The account manager will offer you a breakdown of energy use and proposed energy management services best suited to your needs. Our team will present a detailed plan on how you can improve energy efficiency and reduce your overall energy consumption.

What is Energy Efficient Management?

Resource and energy management is a vital part of any business. The process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy within a building or organization, results in lower costs, lower carbon emissions, and a healthier workplace. We can help you improve your resource efficiency, reduce our impact on the environment, and lower the cost of doing business by providing a comprehensive energy management service.

What does an ESCO do?

ESCOs are experts in long-term energy efficiency projects. ESCOs, also known as Energy Service Companies, design, improve, and arrange to finance large-scale projects that reduce, manage, and maintain a building’s or facility’s energy costs. They frequently provide the following services:

  • Analyze, design, prepare, and obtain financing for energy efficiency projects; supervise the installation and maintenance of any energy-efficient equipment required for the project;
  • Monitor and evaluate systems to verify energy consumption and savings from a specific project.
  • Accept the risk that a particular project will save the amount of energy promised.

Why Work With SEA?

At SEA, we have over three decades of experience within the Resource Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Management industry. Key factors in your choice to work with us should include:

A Multitude of Markets Served

SEA has been the leading small business providing Resource Efficiency Management (REM) services to federal agencies worldwide since 2001. We currently offer ongoing assistance to the Department of Defense (DoD) energy programs, including 37 REMs in 13 states and 6 OCONUS bases/garrisons worldwide.

Over the years, SEA has provided REM services to the Department of Defense for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Air National Guard, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. The General Services Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture are two other clients.

PROVEN EXPERIENCE On-Site Energy Management

SEA has over two decades of proven experience adding certified energy managers and professional engineers to engineering staff. SEA has been the leading small business providing Resource Efficiency Manager services to federal agencies worldwide since 2001.

Regardless of the industry, these full-time, on-site energy professionals contribute to the effectiveness of government energy programs by identifying energy conservation measures to reduce energy and water consumption. Our conservation efforts are carried out by implementing cost-effective programs and practices based on a review of available data and processes.


Improve Your Energy Efficiency With SEA

When you are ready to take the next step and improve your energy efficiency and operational output – get in touch with the team at SEA. From passionate account managers to relentlessly diligent contractors, our network of professionals will work with you to improve your operation from start to finish!

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