On-Site Energy Management

SEA provides full-time, onsite energy professionals to increase the effectiveness of energy programs by providing a full range of subject matter expertise and energy management support for on-site analysis of current operations, equipment and energy purchasing programs.

As an extension of your staff, we work with your team to find and implement energy cost savings solutions. Our network and bench of licensed professional engineers and certified energy managers is strong, and we can augment your services through one of our contracted industry experts. In addition to all facility engineering services that SEA provides, the additional below programs are most successful with onsite energy professionals engaged and embedded within your teams.

Award Winning Resource Efficiency Management (REM) Programs

Since 2001, SEA has been the leading small business for providing Resource Efficiency Management (REM) services to federal agencies worldwide. We currently serve the Department of Defense (DoD) energy programs with ongoing services, including 37 REMs based in 13 states and 6 OCONUS bases/garrisons worldwide. Over the years, SEA has provided REM services to the DoD for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Air National Guard, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. Other clients have included General Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Additional On-Site Energy Programs

  • Energy Awareness and Conservation Assessment Programs (EACA)
    Energy conservation plays a very important role because utilization of non-renewable resources also impacts our environment. SEA will help you learn how you can reduce the consumption of energy by using less energy services. This can be achieved by identifying areas of waste and loss. We can then suggest low and no cost solutions to improve efficiencies through technological upgrades and improved operations and maintenance.
  • Energy Engineering Analysis Programs (EEAP)
    The Energy Engineering Analysis Program is a gateway to find appropriate solutions to accomplish your facilities’ energy and sustainability goals. To achieve these goals, SEA uses a comprehensive and customized EEAP process by conducting assessments and determining baselines for putting together a more resilience facility.


On-Site Energy Management

SEA has more than two decades of proven experience augmenting engineering staff with certified energy managers and professional engineers. Since 2001, SEA has been the leading small business for providing Resource Efficiency Manager services to federal agencies worldwide. Regardless of the industry served, these full-time, on-site energy professionals help to increase the effectiveness of government energy programs by identifying energy conservation measures to reduce energy and water usage. Our conservation measures are accomplished through the implementation of cost-effective programs and practices derived from a review of available data and processes.

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