Building Automation Services

Smart buildings used to be science fiction. Not anymore. The tech is here and offers a host of benefits. A growing number of building owners and administrators use building automation systems to maximize facility management capabilities.

Automation can help you lower operational costs, increase security, and enhance energy efficiency. And that’s just the start. Building automation services are an excellent investment into the future of your facility.

What Is a Building Automation System?

A smart building is controlled by a building automation system. This is a fancy way of saying the building handles certain tasks without requiring your input. The facility manages itself, at least to a degree.

These building automation systems can allow you to automate processes like HVAC, lighting, fire and flood safety, security, and more.

Through the use of data, building automation systems enable detailed monitoring of the facility. This data allows you to continually fine-tune the system according to your specifications.

Building automation systems are a great way to centralize your facility management efforts. They take tasks that don’t require your attention off your hands. At the same time, they allow you to focus on the tasks that need your input. The building itself helps you to manage it, sparing you extra effort.

Benefits of Building Automation Systems

While an extensive investment, a building automation system pays dividends in the long run. Whether it’s done initially on a new facility or retrofitted into an existing building, you can measure the benefits of building automation systems right from the beginning.

Building Automation Assists with Energy Management

A building automation system can help energy management in a number of ways. Smart buildings use motion sensors for lighting, which keeps the lights off when no one is present in the room. They also use a combination of inside and outside sensors to adjust the temperature of the building for both occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

There’s really no need for air conditioners to blast full power all the time. Automated HVAC systems determine when it’s most appropriate to run air conditioning, depending on indoor and outdoor temperatures. Plus, air vents and filtration systems work based on the number of people in the building.

With building automation systems, everything runs when it’s most appropriate to do so and the amount of wasted energy is minimized. It’s an excellent way to enhance energy efficiency.

Building Automation Systems Lower Maintenance Costs

Building automation systems allow you to find optimal settings for your equipment. With everything working together, you reduce normal wear and tear, which causes a decrease in maintenance costs. 

Increasing the longevity of equipment is only one perk. Another is if something does go wrong, the system immediately detects it. Sometimes, building automation systems can even fix the problem without you knowing about it.. Other times, BAS would notify you of the problem promptly so you can take care of it before it gets worse.

Building Automation Systems Can Help Increase Productivity

One of the many benefits of building automation systems is increasing the productivity and well-being of the building’s occupants. By improving air quality and ventilation, automation boosts employee performance and can even reduce sick leave.

Occupants in well-ventilated smart buildings have an easier time focusing, have improved cognitive performance, and experience better well-being overall.

Besides ventilation, lighting also plays a critical role in occupants’ well-being and productivity. Lighting affects mood, energy, and activity. When it’s well integrated and properly controlled within the building, it generally has a positive effect on people.

Building Automation Systems Service Increases Property Value

Smart buildings increase in value because they’re a better overall investment. The net income an automated facility offers is higher than a traditional one.

Add this to the fact that the upfront cost, time, and resources have already been invested, which typically sweetens the deal. If you want to increase the value of your property before selling, automation is a good way to go about it.

Automation Solutions for Improved Security

If your facility is dealing with sensitive information and you need enhanced security, building automation systems can offer you a variety of options to achieve this goal.

For example, you can use access control management to seal off certain sections to anyone who hasn’t been authorized. Furthermore, access control management keeps detailed records of the activity in the sector, so you can always be on top of foot traffic.

Elevator control can also be programmed to deny access to certain floors without proper authorization. Essentially, building automation systems offer you an extremely flexible way to improve security without having to monitor things constantly.

What Are Some Systems Controlled by Building Automation Systems?

Building automation systems can control a variety of facility functions, including:

  • HVAC controls. HVAC reaches a whole new level of efficiency and comfort through automation. This is also one of the biggest power savers.
  • Lighting. Another energy saver related to occupant comfort. Employees, clients, and customers alike would be thankful for a state-of-the-art lighting solution that works based on actual occupancy.
  • Air purification systems. Air is particularly important, especially indoors, which means an air purification system that works at appropriate times is highly beneficial.
  • Security. Building automation systems allows you to bring increased security to your building. These kinds of systems can manage access, offer surveillance, provide keyless entries, and more.
  • Sterilization systems. Sterilization units usually work best when they’re fully automated.

Why Choose SAIN Engineering for Your Building Automation Services?

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