Energy Resilience describes an entity’s ability to withstand, or recover quickly from, disruptions in the availability and affordability of energy resource limitations facing our energy infrastructure. Facility owners and stakeholders must be prepared to address the ever-increasing number of threats and resource limitations facing our energy infrastructure. These threats can come in the form of cyber attacks, outages due to extreme climate conditions, aging infrastructure and lack of training which create a need for increased system flexibility and resilience.

SEA has provided value added energy expertise for over 35 years to our clients through a comprehensive Energy as a Service solution which helps establish the framework for operation effectiveness. Our portfolio includes building and energy assessments; strategy and planning; technologies and hands on expertise allowing us to become a trusted partner to help navigate the complicated path of maintaining efficient, self-sustaining operations, independent from the public grid.

SEA places a priority on projects that support energy security and align with resiliency goals. We work to identify the capabilities and limitations in an energy system and coordinate project development and implementation.