Sustainability should involve a process and not just a goal.  As owners face an evolving global economy, industry financial pressures, rising energy costs, and environmental mandates, a sustainability plan serves as a roadmap for making relevant energy management decisions. SEA recognizes these factors and tailors our services to the exact needs of our clients through our Sustainability Planning and Strategy Solutions. Sustainability planning can be incorporated into already existing plans or they can be used as a framework for new business strategies.

Through creative thinking and collaboration, our Sustainability Planning and Strategy Solutions establish an approach that fits your requirements and business plan while integrating essential elements of business growth, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Embracing this holistic approach to the sustainability process has broad implications for energy consumption, environmental outcomes and, ultimately, your total cost of ownership. Our successful methods for sustainability planning include engaging stakeholders in order to identify short-term and long-term goals, prioritize actions to achieve those goals and establish processes for measuring, evaluating and communicating progress.

This consensus-based approach is carefully planned and integrates sustainability objectives into the facility and its process systems, resulting in a more accurate framework for the total cost of ownership.

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