Preliminary Energy Use Analysis and Investment Grade Audits

SEA is considered a premier energy consulting firm with world-wide reach and award winning expertise. Since 2009, Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) has been providing Federal Government Agencies with preliminary assessments in compliance with EISA 2007, DODI 4170.11, and 2018 May Executive Order 13834. The Federal Government recognizes our abilities through numerous “Excellent” CPARS ratings. In addition, SEA’s team and our processes consistently achieve recognition. Examples of our awards include:

  • Secretary of the Navy – Platinum Energy Award
  • Secretary of the Defense – Environmental Sustainability Award
  • Department of Energy – Energy and Water Audit Awards
  • Secretary of the Army – Innovative / New Technology Award in Energy and Water
  • International Lighting Council – Exemplary Performance for Lighting
  • ASHRAE- International Innovation Award

The documentation and deliverables developed by SEA through our audit process continues to be used by clients through the implementation phase of work.

SEA’s energy engineers collaborate with other team members in several delivery processes, including:

  • Performance Contracting
  • Traditional Design / Bid Build
  • Design / Build
  • Fast Track Delivery Methods

This document provides the following information capturing our processes and sample work in the Preliminary and Investment Grade Audit space:

  • Sample Audit Process
  • Sample Audit Workplan Approval Matrix
  • Preliminary Assessment and Investment Grade Assessment Workflow