Energy Assessments and Audits

SEA provides multiple types of energy assessments and audits, from Preliminary Energy Use Analysis and Investment Grade Audits — to ASHRAE Levels I-III audits.

We can help building owners determine which process will best fit their needs to assist with capital planning through the implementation phase of work. While conducting these audits, if we see any no-cost solutions that our engineers can tweak for increased energy savings, we do it. Results generated from these audits, usually include:

  • Identifying and correcting building deficiencies
  • Analyzing potential energy reduction projects and associated savings
  • Reducing pollutant emissions
  • Improving energy security

How do you know what to improve if you don’t know what to measure?

Energy assessments and audits are flexible tools that allow building owners insight into the “how,” “when” and “why” energy is being used. Energy assessments are the foundation for discovering, understanding and prioritizing solutions for energy conservation throughout a system. Our team is well versed in the following types of audits:

SEA Energy Assessments and Audits

  • Preliminary Energy Use Analysis
    Our certified energy analysts will collect historic utility use, peak demand data and cost index information to provide recommendations for no-cost, low-cost, as well as capital-intensive energy efficiency measures (EEMs).
  • Investment Grade Audits
    An investment-grade audit is the most detailed energy audit. It analyzes the financial aspects of energy savings and the return on investment from potential changes or upgrades. Facility owners can use the results of the audit as a budgeting tool when planning facility upgrades.
  • ASHRAE Levels I-III Audits
    SEA implements the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Audits. We can help you determine which level of an ASHRAE audit will best suit your goals and objectives for defining a more energy efficient system across your facilities.

Our experience includes assessing and auditing hundreds of millions of square feet of conditioned space across the world. Our energy assessment services include identifying life cycle costs and effective energy savings opportunities for developing project-level documentation for project implementation.


Energy Assessments and Audits Facts

13.5M+ Square Feet of Commissioned Facilities
$100M Potential Energy Savings Identified
245+ Buildings Commissioned
  • Onsite assessment of all energy using systems
  • Benchmarking
  • Identifying low and no cost energy savings opportunities
  • Identifying energy conservation measures and costing analysis
  • In-depth energy rate structure analysis
  • Building energy modeling portfolios

Energy assessments can be performed on a building to building basis, on a select group of representative buildings or across the owner’s entire portfolio. The depth and breadth of the assessment can span from a simple low cost/no cost study to a detailed analysis of capital intensive modifications.


The below pages detail each of our energy assessment and audit services to help you determine which model might be best for your goals and objectives.


Energy Assessments and Audits

SEA has provided energy assessments and audits to Government, Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial Manufacturing, and Laboratory and Research Industries. Whether we are helping the U.S. Navy to audit and retro-commission more than 160M square feet across 146 buildings, or we are helping Regions Financial Headquarters develop a plan for achieving ENERGY STAR ratings, SEA has the proven experience to support your comprehensive energy solutions.


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