Building Optimization

Many new facilities are built with efficiency in mind. They get the best systems and equipment. The architecture and building materials facilitate energy efficiency. Yet, sometimes, it still seems like something is missing.

This something is building optimization. Building optimization helps to make the facility energy-efficient, lowers energy consumption and costs, and eliminates waste. Without it, even the best-planned buildings fall short of expectations.

What Is Building Optimization?

Building optimization is the process of optimizing a building’s energy consumption. Energy efficiency is the result of making different systems work together in sync at optimal energy performance. This leads to energy savings, improved building operations, increased comfort for building occupants, and lower maintenance costs.

The process of building optimization can be applied to a new or an existing building. However, the results may vary. A new building may come with a building management system or a building automation system, with all the sensors and data this entails.

When a facility is built with efficiency in mind, it allows the development of multiple, near-optimal designs and choosing one based on builder or contractor preference. The energy utilization index is used to approximate a building’s energy efficiency.

Older facilities don’t have this infrastructure in place, which can be a limiting factor to the building optimization process. However, such facilities can benefit from some of our other services, including retro-commissioning.

“SEA stands above the rest. This is an amazing team to work with. No other engineering firm has ever compared to what SEA has been able to do for our facilities. This was proven when ASHRAE honored our work with their Technology and Innovation Award and featured it as the cover story on the ASHRAE September 2020 Journal. SEA’s results are second to none.”

Kelley Whalen, , ADTRAN Facilities Supervisor

Benefits of Building Optimization

Building optimization is a service which brings a host of financial, environmental, and business benefits.

Improves Building Performance

Low-cost building designs don’t always come out as planned. And sometimes there are significant deviations from initial parameters. These deviations can end up lowering the building’s performance and energy efficiency, costing you more in the process.

Building optimization solves this problem since optimized facilities have better building performance than unoptimized counterparts.

Ensures Building Energy Efficiency

By eliminating redundancies and waste—and properly calibrating all systems—building optimization increases energy efficiency. This is one of the main reasons you may be interested in this service.

Making your building more energy efficient significantly cuts its energy use and carbon footprint. No more paying for unused energy.

Saves Money

Like many of our services, building optimization pays for itself with the money it saves over time. Commercial buildings are especially notorious for their energy cost, which can be reduced significantly. In fact, we’ve helped some of our clients save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Improves Productivity & Operational Efficiency

By ensuring optimal lighting, air conditioning, and improved air quality, building optimization allows you to improve productivity in your facility.

Studies show building occupants are more productive when working in a well-ventilated, well-lit environment. All in all, you’ll have a smoother-running operation.

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