Commissioning and Building Optimization

SEA provides new construction and retro commissioning services to ensure proper building performance.

As an integral component of a facility’s life-cycle, SEA’s commissioning and building optimization processes ensure proper performance. Our strong commissioning expertise is founded in our team’s knowledge for applying industry standard commissioning practices across system design, with innovative troubleshooting, quality assurance, attention to detail and unprecedented guidance for training facility teams in life cycle Operations and Maintenance (O&M). We work to effectively and affordably identify and solve building systems issues at each phase of the building’s life cycle, from new construction to renovation, many times with no and lost solutions that our teams can implement themselves.

Benefits of Building Commissioning:

  • Results in lower lifetime maintenance costs
  • Helps navigate the complicated process of design, construction and operating buildings properly
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership

“SEA stands above the rest. This is an amazing team to work with. No other engineering firm has ever compared to what SEA has been able to do for our facilities. This was proven when ASHRAE honored our work with their Technology and Innovation Award and featured it as the cover story on the ASHRAE September 2020 Journal. SEA’s results are second to none.”

Kelley Whalen, ADTRAN Facilities Supervisor


SEA Commissioning Facts

250+ Buildings Commissioned
13.5M+ Square Feet of Commissioned Facilities
8 Certified Commissioning Providers
15 Professional Engineers and Architects

Commissioning Services

  • System Tune-Ups
    All buildings need to have tune-ups from time to time to ensure maximum energy optimization. This doesn’t require a huge undertaking and may be as simple as having our engineers perform some simple functional testing, measurements and verifications to tweak current operations without the need to replace new products and systems. Our team can look at your system holistically to help you determine any additional improvements that may be needed. Our services generally pay for themselves, and because we are brand agnostic, we simply help you improve your overall building operations with no ulterior motives.
  • New Construction Commissioning
    Our team views new construction commissioning as a critical quality assurance process that can open the door for creative thinking and collaboration between key stakeholders. The SEA team possesses a deep knowledge of building commissioning for new construction projects. We partner with the architects and general contractors with a comprehensive approach to engage the project team to help facilitate project success. We possess a portfolio of proven new construction building commissioning experience for multiple building types, including: healthcare, educational, professional, dining facilities, recreational and housing. Our team is driven by a genuine commitment to provide the facility with a new property that meets the owner’s requirements and high standards. Our commissioning process is divided into four phases: Design, Construction, Operational and Occupancy.

  • Retro Commissioning
    SEA has retro/recommissioned many problem buildings where our job has been to help our clients identify causes through appropriate building energy audits and assessments and then recommend proper remedies. Solutions range from low cost / no cost actions; O&M improvements and retrofit opportunities. We find cost-effective ways to improve the functionality of existing equipment and systems and then optimize how they operate together. Performance improvements have included better indoor air quality, increased energy efficiency, enhanced occupant comfort and reduced building deterioration problems.
  • Continuous Commissioning®
    Through a partnership with Texas A&M, SEA is one of only seven firms in the world to offer Continuous Commissioning®. Continuous Commissioning® is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort and optimize energy use for existing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities. Continuous Commissioning® incorporates and extends building commissioning practices by providing a systematic approach to:

    • Identify and solve existing operating problems through a review of systems and their operations in a facility

    • Improve building thermal comfort and indoor air quality to look for problems and find their root causes for improving occupant conditions

    • Minimize building energy consumption and cost with a critical review of the facility and to best serve its occupants

    • Provide knowledge-based, hands-on training to facility management so they can be a part of the solution

Building Optimization

Developing an efficient facility is what we do. We assist building owners in achieving capital cost avoidance, optimized energy use, and reduced maintenance costs all while ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining indoor air quality. Today’s buildings are complex and have interdependent systems with sophisticated controls. Therefore, even a small operational problem can greatly disrupt a building’s performance.

Optimizing a building’s energy consumption requires an approach that allows devices and systems to function together in an efficient and cost-effective way to meet occupant requirements and expectations. Building optimization combines a number of sustainable strategies that are used to examine and perpetually address elements of existing buildings that can be optimized without the need for heavy capital investment. ROI of 25% to 50% and savings of 15% to 45% are reasonable expectations.

What makes us unique?

At SEA, we take typical commissioning and building optimization processes and apply our unique style to ensure that quality actions are taken throughout any of our processes. It’s our great teamwork that allows us to collaborate and communicate well across multiple teams. It’s the trust we build with our facility owners to ensure their high expectations are met. It’s the attention to detail that impacts quality assurance for a process that is clear and meets tight schedules and deadlines. It’s our friendly attitude from our engineers that is responsive, decisive and passionate for finding solutions to your building operations. It’s our desire to teach about industry best practices from our subject matter expertise.


Commissioning and Building Optimization

Whether you are needing a commissioning authority for new construction or want to retro-commission an existing facility, SEA has proven experience commissioning more than 13.5M square feet across more than 250 buildings for the Government, Education, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Commercial and Laboratory Research Industries. Our success is proven in the results we achieve for our clients.



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