Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Facility Engineering Services

SEA is an advocate for the building owner. We ensure that the intent of your building’s design will meet the goals and objectives for an energy efficient facility. Our core facility engineering services, include:

Energy Assessments and Audits

SEA provides multiple types of assessments and audits – from Preliminary Energy Use Analysis and Investment Grade Audits to ASHRAE Levels I-III audits. We can help building owners determine which process will best fit their needs to assist with capital planning through the implementation phase of work. While conducting these audits, if we see any no-cost solutions that our engineers can tweak for increased energy savings, we do it.

  • Preliminary Energy Use Analysis
  • Investment Grade Audits
  • ASHRAE Levels I-III Audits
  • Capital Planning

Commissioning and Optimization

SEA provides new construction and retro commissioning services to ensure proper building performance. Our strong commissioning expertise is founded in our team’s knowledge for applying industry standard commissioning practices across system design, with innovative troubleshooting, quality assurance, attention to detail and unprecedented guidance for training facility teams in life-cycle operations and maintenance (O&M). We work effectively and affordably to identify and solve building systems issues at each phase of the building’s life cycle, many times with no and low-cost solutions that our teams can implement.

  • System Tune-Ups
  • New Construction
  • Retro Commissioning
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • Building Optimization

On-Site Energy Management

SEA provides full-time, onsite energy professionals to increase the effectiveness of energy by providing a full range of subject matter expertise and energy management support for on-site analysis of current operations, equipment and energy purchasing programs. As an extension of your staff, we work with your team to find and implement energy cost savings solutions. Our network and bench of licensed professional engineers and certified energy managers is strong, and we can augment your services through one of our contract industry experts. In addition to all facility engineering services that SEA provides, the additional below programs are most successful when onsite energy professionals engage with your teams.

  • Resource Efficiency Management Programs
  • Energy Awareness and Conservation Assessment Programs (EACA)
  • Energy Engineering Analysis Programs (EEAP)

Resilience and Sustainability

We provide innovative solutions for our client’s most critical issues through our technical expertise, and strategic project planning and management. SEA uses a comprehensive and customized process for conducting assessments for determining baselines and putting together resilience assessments and recommendations. Our team is well versed on conducting:

  • Resilience Planning
  • Sustainability Consulting
  • Installation Energy and Water Plans

Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolios

We assist in determining which alternatives are best suited for your specific region and work to integrate them into your overall energy portfolio. We will consult on the following service types:

  • Bioenergy
  • Cogeneration
  • Geothermal
  • Hydropower
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar
  • Wind