SEA is Delivering Rapid, Comprehensive On-Site Energy Audits Across More Than 600 Army and Navy Buildings

BIRMINGHAM – December 11, 2013 Sain Engineering Associates (SEA) announced a strategic partnership with Retro efficiency to help identify and deliver massive energy efficiency savings opportunities for the U.S. Army and Navy.  Through this partnership, SEA will use a building efficiency intelligence platform called Sain Technical Analysis Reporting (STAR) to deliver approximately 640 on-site energy audits over the next year at Army and Navy buildings in multiple regions around the world.  STAR rapidly develops energy models that deliver insights and recommendations to help target buildings, engage customers, convert projects, and track opportunities more effectively.

“The Department of Defense and branches of the armed forces such as the Army and Navy have been tremendous advocates for energy efficiency.  Because of the large building footprint these organizations have, there is a huge opportunity for energy savings,” said Butch Wallace, Vice President, Federal Sustainability Group, of SEA.  “In addition to improving the energy audit process, the data management platform will enable SEA to execute energy master planning in an easier, faster, and more flexible way. This will offer a significant advantage for SEA and our clients as we focus on expanding our work in both the federal and corporate sectors.”

In 2012, the Department of the U.S. Navy announced ambitious energy goals to improve its energy security, increase energy independence and help lead the nation towards a clean energy economy. One of the primary goals includes making half of all Navy installations will be net-zero by 2020.

To continue to help the U.S. Navy achieve these goals, and to support the U.S. Army on similar energy efficiency initiatives, SEA will use the STAR software solution to streamline data collection, data management, energy efficiency measure evaluation and report generation.  STAR enables users to perform comprehensive, accurate building audits in less time and expense compared to equivalent traditional methods.  SEA, an energy consulting firm and Inc. 5000 company, is currently conducting the audits and will complete the project by third quarter of 2014.

STAR will also support SEA in energy master planning by providing a more standardized, automated platform for long-term capital planning and project development at both the portfolio and building levels. It will allow SEA and its customers to easily explore opportunities for different projects across a portfolio, as well as to re-evaluate buildings for new opportunities in the future.

This platform allows the data to remain dynamic over an extended period of time.  Using STAR’s leading analytics and rapid energy modeling platform, SEA will be able to streamline our energy audit process, while also providing deeper insights into energy efficiency projects for customers. The result is better forecasting capabilities of portfolio utilities and the operations & maintenance (O&M) budget.