Resource Efficiency Manager – U.S. Coast Guard, Pacific Area

David Struck has performed REM services for USCG Pacific Area (PACAREA), including Alaska & Hawaii, since October of 2004. Mr. Struck identified over $31,000 in potential savings by correcting the rate schedules for 22 of the 113 electrical accounts serviced by the local utility.

Mr. Struck has conducted quarterly training for engineers and designers as well as remote personnel around PACAREA. Coast Guard managers, engineers and technical staff participated with the result of significantly improved system performance and cost savings for their organizations.

Through Mr. Struck’s initiatives the water conservation program became a focus of the REM program. The benefit-to-cost ratio for this program exceeds a 4-to-1 payback. Mr. Struck also successfully implemented photovoltaic lighting projects. In addition, he initiated repairs and replacements for a failed solar pool heating system which had fallen into disrepair and had been abandoned in place many years ago. Investigation into this system and subsequent repair yields a combined savings and cost avoidance of over $10,000, with a payback of 0.2 years, or 2.4 months.