Resource Efficiency Manager – U.S. Army, Ft. Polk, Louisiana

SEA has provided perhaps the most successful REM program in Federal service for the U.S. Army at Ft. Polk in Louisiana. Mrs. Nancy Varner and Mr. David Hopper are both Certified Energy Managers and the results of their combined efforts have been outstanding with a benefit-to-cost ratio of approximately 8-to-1. These savings have been attained from low/no cost projects, corrections for utility billing errors and/or reimbursement of government overpayments for energy/utility related services.

Ms. Varner obtained over $2 million in utility and ESPC overpayments. The REM program results were so outstanding that, in FY2004, the Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management named Ms Varner as their Army “Energy Champion” (via DoE/FEMP’s “You Have the Power” campaign).

Mr. Hopper has exceeded these award-winning savings achievements. His leadership of a power restoration team resulted in over $1.2 million in productivity savings. Mr Hopper implemented numerous low/no cost projects at Ft. Polk and has applied for over $29 million in Army funding which will be utilized to refurbish & modernize four central energy plants.

Mr Hopper revised Ft. Polk’s water billing rates charged to tenants which has produced about $800k in increased revenue to the local DPW annually. His efforts were instrumental in locking-in their natural gas purchase rates immediately following hurricanes Rita & Katrina which saved approximately $100k. He has also re-negotiated a discount for electricity resulting in annual savings of over $36k for three years.

Following in the tradition of excellent REM service for Ft. Polk, SEA is now providing Mr. Cy Stell, PE, CEM, as Ft. Polk’s full-time on-site REM.