Regions Financial Headquarters

Energy and Water Assessment 

SEA helped the Regions Financial Headquarters achieve an ENERGY STAR rating with a score 35% higher compared to similar financial institutions across the United States.


Regions Facts

83 Current Energy Star Rating
600k Square Feet of Commissioned Space

About the Facility

Regions Financial Headquarters is located in downtown Birmingham, AL occupying a corporate campus spanning more than 600,000 square feet. Cassidy Turley, the facility management company for the building, aggressively sought opportunities to improve building energy performance with the goal of achieving a Certified ENERGY STAR Rating. 

Scope of Work

SEA was contracted to provide an ASHRAE Level I Energy Assessment and ENERGY STAR Certification for the Regions Financial Headquarters. A building must score 75 to earn the ENERGY STAR label. Initially, the building scored 65. SEA worked with Cassidy Turley in outlining the provisions for developing ENERGY STAR qualifications based on the results of the ASHRAE Level I audit. SEA identified several energy conservation measures to help the Regions Financial Headquarters qualify for the ENERGY STAR Certification. Some of the measures, included: 

  • Outside Air Damper Control Optimization 
  • ASHRAE Ventilation Procedures 
  • Air-side Economizer Strategy 
  • Static Pressure Reset 
  • Chilled Water Supply Reset 
  • Upgrade Appliances 

After the ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit, several of the measures were implemented by the facility manager. Within a year of the assessment, the ENERGY STAR scored at the required 75, and a year later increased to 83. Additionally, SEA continues to evaluate the utility bills and make recommendations to the operations and maintenance of the building to the group as needed.

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