Weed Army Community Hospital

Carbon-neutral, LEED Platinum

Location: Fort Irwin, CA
Owner: U.S. Army

SEA’s Resource Efficiency Manager was part of the design and energy planning team for Fort Irwin’s replacement hospital. Seven major energy conservation measures will decrease overall energy usage by 33.2%. These measures will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,403 metric tons per year below the baseline. Additionally, renewable energy systems, including a photovoltaic (PV) array and a solar thermal array, take advantage of the site’s solar irradiance potential and meet all the hospital’s energy needs. Clean power sources include a 2.4 megawatt solar photovoltaic array and a solar thermal array that provides a majority of the hot water the hospital requires.

The SEA REM successfully worked with the local utility company to help secure more than $2 million in rebates that will help minimize initial costs. In addition, he will be helping commission the hospital once completed to ensure the mechanical and electrical systems perform as designed. The design team, led by the Los Angeles and Sacramento districts, Corps of Engineers, included Huntsville Center’s Medical Center of Expertise and Mobile District as well, and earned an Honor Award for Conceptual Design from the 2012 Chief of Engineers Awards of Excellence Program.

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