US Navy – Great Lakes Dining Facility

Energy and Water Assessment

Location: Great Lakes, IL
Owner: U.S. Navy

The Main Galley is a food preparation and dining facility that operates every day of the year to feed Navy Recruits, Trainees, and Trainers in Great Lakes, IL. The facility is occupied by 10 to 60 staff for almost 22 hours each day. Over 6500 meals are served daily during the week and 1600 are served on weekends. The occupancy and the food preparation activities vary widely throughout the hours when the facility is open.

A significant amount of the equipment was original to the 1968 construction. However, the facility had remnants of previous modifications that had been modified even further, had been partially removed, or had been abandoned in place.

Statement of Work:

With an average annual Energy Use Index that exceeded 160 kBtu/sq. ft. in both 2010 and 2011, the Navy was interested in determining what could be done to make the building more economical to operate and still satisfy the food production and customer comfort requirements.

The challenges involved with this project included: odor migration and other indoor air quality issues; space pressurization concerns; environmental energy strategies that were flexible in order to take into account the diversity of activity; and, energy conservation projects that enhanced food preparation and dining.

The audit team of SEA spent three days onsite observing operations. Where it could be determined, the original design was compared to current facility requirements. Food refrigeration and cooking areas were evaluated. Food service equipment and dining areas were studied.


A total of nine technologies were recommended for upgrade. These included the coordination of exhaust and ventilation fans/hoods, the addition of variable frequency drives, automatic controls sequence changes, replacement of walk-in refrigeration evaporator fan motors, upgrades to certain toilet fixtures, installation of destratification fans, lighting replacements, vending machine optimizers, and refrigeration heat reclaim for domestic hot water.


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