TASC96 Front



Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Owner: TASC96


TASC96 is an outpatient medical center, home to several independent medical services providers. Facilities include a sleep center, blood services, labs, administration space and surgical suites. SEA was tasked with evaluating the facility and developing a strategy to improve the performance of the building operations systems.Our team began the process of reducing energy consumption through the optimization of the existing HVAC systems.


Our team began the project with an initial study of the existing equipment/conditions. This included analyzing gas and power bills to develop a baseline comparable to buildings with similar functions and square footage.  Our assessment revealed that TASC96’s energy use was unusually high, so we began to evaluate the entire HVAC system correcting problems as they were identified.

Initial work included the following, defined in the scope of work:

  • Upgrade controls
  • Reprogram HVAC control sequences
  • Test HVAC equipment
  • Train Personnel

For the first month and a half of SEA’s new measured being implemented, SEA reduced the power bill by 30% and the gas bill by 40% compared to the past three years. SEA’s conservative projection of total savings for the owner of $45,000 over the first year.

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