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China Lake

Location: China Lake, California
Owner: U.S. Government

When SEA started work in China Lake, a  total of 71 buildings representing approximately 2,004,839 square feet were selected by the site personnel.  The base energy manager provided an updated list of the originally selected facilities along with contact names and phone numbers to facilitate the audit process. Several facilities required appointments to ensure someone was available to escort auditors through the facility.

During January the energy audit team began the process of evaluating base facilities and requested additional information such as facility drawings, metered data, and project lists. The water auditors began their inspections on January 17, 2011 and were completed by February 4, 2011. Some data follow-up requests were required during March to confirm missing field data due to no access or missing drawings for some facilities. The energy auditors also met with the base EMCS shop and the base irrigation manager to obtain the working conditions of these systems. Numerous field notes and some photographs were taken by base personnel to document current buildings conditions, functions and energy usage.

Building types included offices and administration, research and chemical laboratories, equipment and maintenance shops, aircraft hangars, electronic shops, computer laboratories, munitions laboratories, and a primary education facility.

Contract deliverables included three separate reports – Building Audit Report, a HVAC & Controls Condition Assessment Report, and an Energy Conservation Measures Report. Each report included conclusions and recommendations for each building. The primary purpose of this ECM Report was to:

·     Briefly describe, measure & identify buildings where the proposed ECM can be implemented

·     Summarize savings, cost, SIR & Simple Payback from LCC for ECM

·     Describe existing conditions before ECM implementation

·     Describe proposed change that ECM enables

·     Describe how savings are realized by this ECM

·     Implementation cost description details

A comprehensive evaluation of multiple energy conservation measures including HVAC upgrades, lighting improvements, changes in operating procedures and controls, and renewable energy opportunities resulted in the identification of 26 energy conservation measures (ECMs).

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