National Center for Advanced Manufacturing

National Center for Advanced Manufacturing


Location: Huntsville, AL
Owner: Marshall Space Flight Center

SEA was contracted by MSFC to perform two phases of retrocommissioning, investigative and implementation, in 2014 at the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing. The goal of this effort is to verify through hands-on evaluation and testing that the building is operating at peak energy efficiency with regards to its HVAC system as a whole, and to provide the guidance, instructions, and overall execution necessary to return the HVAC system to peak efficiency. The facility is 116,000 gross square feet. The primary use of this facility is manufacturing and research/teaching laboratories.

Primary Objectives:

1. Optimize control systems through calibration of sensors, review of metered data and trend logs, and functional equipment testing.
2. Improve building performance by saving energy and reducing operational costs.
3. Identify and resolve building system operation, control, and maintenance problems.
4. Reduce or eliminate occupant comfort complaints and increase occupant satisfaction.
5. Improve indoor environmental comfort and quality.
6. Document system operation.
7. Identify operational and maintenance enhancements that result in improvements in energy efficiency, occupant comfort, or indoor air quality.
8. Identify O&M practices that could be implemented and additional training that the maintenance staff may benefit from.
9. Extend equipment life-cycle.

RCx services were solicited after SEA completed a low/no cost assessment of various facilities at MSFC, including Building 4707. SEA recommended two low cost measures, which included upgrading incandescent fixtures and repairing compressed air lines. SEA also recommended retro-commissioning of the HVAC/controls system; this ECM was implemented immediately after the assessment was reviewed by MSFC.

Technologies Evaluated/Projects Implemented

116,000 sq.ft.
Chilled Water
Pneumatic/DDC Controls
Remote Monitoring
Domestic Water Heaters

Unique Characteristics

Initial High Building Energy Usage Index and Energy Cost Index
EMCS Commissioning
Clean rooms operated 24/7

Potential Savings

$90,000 based on a range of 13%-15% reduction In energy consumption

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