rota airport

NS Rota Air Passenger Terminal

Energy and Water Assessment

Location: Rota, Spain
Owner: U.S. Navy

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc (SEA) performed a customized Level II ASHRAE energy audit in Rota, Spain as part of the Navy’s continuing endeavor to reduce energy and water waste.  The audit sought to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) with a 10 year payback or less as well as O & M opportunities and low cost/no cost measures that could be implemented by the client’s staff.

Quite a few recommendations were offered for NS Rota’s passenger terminal including lighting upgrades, a number of HVAC equipment improvements, and renewable technologies.  Among those recommendations, a number of low cost/no cost measures were offered to the client.  For example, SEA noted that office computers were left on overnight and on weekends and that a number of gratings were impacted with debris.  These measures were easily implemented by the facility’s maintenance staff and, therefore, resulted in immediate energy savings.


  • Windows were open while HVAC systems were operating
  • Impacted grating was observed on intake fan hood
  • Computers were left on overnight/weekends
  • Insulation was worn on refrigerant lines
  • Electrical wires were discarded on roof


LC/NC Measures:

  • Interlock windows with HVAC controls
  • Clean gratings on intake fans
  • De-energize computers at convenient times nightly/or when inactive for extended periods
  • Replace insulation on refrigerant lines
  • Move exposed wires to interior/exterior junction box
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