Sigonella School

Sigonella DoDD Schools

Lighting Upgrades

Location: Catania, Italy
Owner: U.S. Navy

In the fall of 2012, SEA conducted an energy assessment of the Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella.

The lighting portion of the audit explored the feasibility of several energy conservation measures (ECMs):

  • Upgrading Fluorescent lighting
  • Upgrading High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting
  • Upgrading Incandescent Lighting
  • Installing Lighting Controls
  • Replacing EXIT signs
  • Replacement of lighting components for Life Safety

All of the listed ECMs were found to be feasible. During the lighting controls investigation, a unique opportunity was observed in the Department of Defense Dependent School (DoDDs) elementary school. SEA found that daylight harvesting controls (DLH) could be used to reduce the amount of electricity consumed while not affecting the productivity of students.

SEA found that the installation of DLH controls allowed the lighting system to be overridden and shut down when sufficient sunlight filtered into the room. This ECM will allow for an additional 15 percent reduction in consumption with a simple payback of less than 10 years. All these energy savings and lighting enhancements can be achieved while providing students with more natural light and a more inviting, productive working environment.

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