iwakuni air passenger terminal

MCAS Iwakuni Air Passenger Terminal

Energy and Water Assessment

Location: Iwakuni, Japan
Owner: U.S. Marine Corps

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc (SEA) performed a customized Level II ASHRAE energy assessment at MCAS Iwakuni as part of the Marine Corps’ continuing endeavor to reduce energy and water waste. The energy assessment sought to identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) with a 10 year payback or less as well as O & M opportunities and low cost/no cost measures that could be implemented by the client’s staff.

Quite a few recommendations were offered for MCAS Iwakuni’s passenger terminal including lighting upgrades, a number of HVAC equipment improvements, and renewable technologies. Among those recommendations, a number of low cost/no cost measures were offered to the client. For this particular terminal, a large amount of energy savings were expected to come from correcting continuing controls issues.


  •  On the day of the audit, the terminal waiting areas were being cooled although no traffic was expected through the building
  • Exterior doors are lacking weatherstripping

LC/NC Measures:

  •  Since the office workers already have their own control over room temperature, instigate higher setbacks for the terminal areas until expected future use requires proper cooling for comfort
  • Install weatherstripping around all sides of exterior doors to decrease energy loss

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