New Solar Array at Life Data Labs

Life Data Labs Solar Array

Solar Array

Location: Cherokee, AL
Owner: Life Data Labs, Inc.

Life Data Labs, Inc. is a premium animal nutrition and health products manufacturer in Cherokee, AL. SEA served as general contractor in the completion of one of the state’s largest private solar installations, powering all of their manufacturing facility mainly with solar energy.

Life Data Labs now has a 282 kilowatt (kW) installation, which allows Life Data to potentially operate completely off solar energy. The client previously invested in LED lighting technology, and they have implemented various measures to increase motor and compressor efficiencies. They were also recognized last year by the State of Alabama for their global presence and innovation.

Life Data Labs’ new solar installation should produce the amount of solar power equivalent to powering 40 homes. However, if Life Data Labs’ manufacturing facility generates more solar energy than they can use themselves, they could have the option of storing the solar power in batteries or even selling it back to the local utility company.

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