Grandview Hospital

Grandview Medical Office Building

HVAC Commissioning

Location: Birmingham, AL
Owner: Daniel Corporation

Sain Engineering Associates (SEA) provided HVAC systems commissioning for the Grandview Medical Office Building. Located in Birmingham, it is an eight story 220,000 square foot facility owned by the Daniel Corporation. The facility has a Green Globes Certification from the Green Building Initiative. The building opened in October 2015.

SEA commissioned the facility core after the construction had been substantially completed. Due to the commissioning taking place after the facility was partially occupied,  SEA expedited its review of design documents and construction submittals through collaboration with the client’s team to gain an understanding of the equipment and functionality thereof. The commissioning scope of work for Grandview Medical Office Building consisted of testing significant energy using pieces of HVAC equipment. Prefunctional and functional test were performed on all air handling units and exhaust fans, chillers and pumps, cooling towers and pumps, the heat exchanger and pump, and terminal boxes which serve the core spaces.

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