mcb quantico

MCB Quantico

Ground Source Heat Pump System

Location: Quantico, VA
Owner: U.S. Marine Corps

Marine Corps Base Quantico, also known as MCB Quantico, is a United States Marine Corps installation located near Triangle, Virginia, coveringground source heat pumps nearly 100 square miles. Used primarily for training purposes, MCB Quantico is known as the “Crossroads of the Marine Corps”.

As part of ongoing audits, Sain Engineering Associates identified multiple energy conservation measures (ECMs) at MCB Quantico. One such recommendation involved HVAC system efficiency upgrades in 56 buildings (totaling 677,116 square feet). Recommended upgrades include replacement of air-cooled DX cooling and related electric, natural gas, hot water, and low pressure steam heating units with ground source heat pumps. Related heating schemes include direct-fired natural gas furnaces, gas- or oil-fired steam and hot water boilers, electric resistance heat, and heat pumps. In many buildings, two or more types of heaters were found. Much of the observed equipment is 10 years old or older. Upgrading to newer and more efficient ground-source heat pumps will produce significant energy and O&M savings.


Recommended work includes vertical boring for ground-coupled heat rejection loops (estimated at 100 ft / ton capacity along with installation of related piping, pumps, and high-efficiency water-source heat pump condensing units.

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