ft. rucker

Fort Rucker

Renewable Technology Analysis and Savings

Location: Fort Rucker, AL
Owner: U.S. Army

The September 2011 EACA Option Year 1 assessment identified $1,675,000 in potential low-cost/no-cost energy savings. As an Army aviation training base, Fort Rucker implemented ECM initiatives including a 51.6 kW solar array at Hatch Airfield. Solar energy and increased use of co- generation was implemented to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas. In addition, Fort Rucker decreased its water intensity by 35% well below E.O. 13423 Glide Path, and before 2015. In the June 2013, the follow-up EACA Option Year 4 assessment of Fort Rucker, AL found $375,097 of energy savings based on improvements implemented.

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