the plaza

The Plaza

Energy Assessment

Location: Birmingham, AL
Owner: West Second Street Associates

To reduce projected utility expenses, West Second Street Associates requested that Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. perform an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Assessment and provide recommendations for reducing these utility costs. SEA conducted an on-site survey of the building and a walk-through analysis in September, 2012. The analysis was conducted by both mechanical and lighting engineers. One major goal of the project was to utilize the Alabama Saves Program that offers an energy revolving loan program funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This act enables businesses to secure below-market rate financing as low as 1%. The loan is based on achieving energy savings which typically provide a simple 10 year payback. The Level 1 Assessment objective is primarily to identify potential energy conservation measures, estimated savings, and budgeted costs. While capital improvements are included, the aim of the ASHRAE Level 1 Analysis is focused on low cost /no cost projects.

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