NS Norfolk

Energy Assessment: NAVSTA Norfolk

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Owner: CH2M Hill

Naval Station (NAVSTA) Norfolk is a U.S. government owned military bas located approximately 7 miles north of Norfolk, Virginia. Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) contracted Sain Engineering Associates to perform an energy audit of 69 buildings and associated local utility plant buildings encompassing approximately 4,776,960 square feet (SF) in January 2014.

A multi-use, warehouse and administrative building was chosen as one of the representative buildings. The building is nearly 375,000 square feet and the majority is used for storage. Levels 1, 3, and 5 are comprised of office space. The walls are of EIFS construction, and the roof is aggregate and modified bitumen. The exterior had recently been renovated, with the windows still being worked on while the audit was taking place.

Sain Engineering identified ten different energy conservation measures (ECM) at this building. Two of these recommendations were insulating ceiling tiles and piping that supplies unit heaters with steam.

The ceiling insulation ECM involves insulating approximately 900 SF of ceiling tiles above a first floor office. This office has a heat pump that conditions the space, but was having trouble keeping the office warm while we were there. Insulating the ceiling will help make the space more comfortable for the employees as well as reduce the amount of time the heat pump is having to run. This will save on electricity costs and make the employees happier. SEA estimated this ECM would save $670 per year while costing $2,445 to implement. This would yield a simple pay back of 3.7 years.

The pipe insulation ECM involves insulating the pipes that run to the steam unit heaters in the storage sections of the building. By leaving these pipes uninsulated they radiate a substantial amount of heat that was paid for at the boiler. By insulating the 150 linear feet of uninsulated piping it is estimated that the base would save $540 per year while costing $1,370 to implement. This would yield a simple pay back of 2.5 years.

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