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Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Energy Assessment

Location: Missouri
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

SEA was contracted to perform a level one energy optimization assessment at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant as part of the Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP) funded by the Army through the US Army Corp of Engineers. The assessment surveyed 20 buildings. Of these buildings, a majority were manufacturing buildings. Many of the buildings built in the 1940’s during World War II.

Building 6 at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant serves as an engineering office, security office, laboratory, and warehouse. The building is 82,879 square feet in area and has approximately 40 occupants on a daily basis. SEA evaluated the building’s HVAC system, lighting, plumbing fixtures and building envelope. There are a mix of HVAC systems, ranging from packaged rooftop units to central air handling units. The laboratories require steam supply and the steam is provided by the installations large central steam plant. Building 6 is physically located at the end of a primary steam supply run, usage is low, and no condensate is recovered. These three factors made this building an excellent candidate for decentralization from the main steam plant.

Proposed ECMs included:

• Adding a condensing boiler for steam requirements and disconnecting from the central steam supply
• Replacing metal halide exterior lighting with LED exterior lighting
• Adding dual-technology motion sensors for lighting controls

SEA calculates a $7,000 annual reduction in energy costs based on a range of implementation and usage.

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