Detachment White Sands

Wind Turbine Power Generation Measure

Location: NSWC White Sands
Owner: U.S. Navy

Energy Assessment

In 2011 Sain Engineering Associates (SEA) performed a comprehensive energy audit of 16 buildings representing approximately 149,793 sq. ft. at Naval Surface Warfare Center White Sands. The primary purpose of the audit was to describe, measure, and identify as many energy conservation measures (ECMs) as could be economically implemented.

ECMs identified included:

1. Water conservation measures
2. Lighting upgrades and controls
3. HVAC controls
4. HVAC motor upgrades
5. Solar Water Heating
6. Wind Turbine Power Generation

Wind Turbine Power Generation

In 2011 Sain Engineering Associates (SEA) performed fluid flow analysis, power generation calculations, and cost savings calculations to determine if power generation using wind energy was a viable option for NSCW White Sands.

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