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Eglin Air Force Base

Investment Grade Energy Assessment

Location: Eglin Air Force Base
Owner: U.S. Air Force

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc., (SEA) provided investment grade energy assessments at Eglin Air Force Base (AFB) in Okaloosa County, Florida. The base-wide energy assessment included 52 of the major energy-consuming buildings, totaling more than 3,500,000 square feet. The assessments were completed in 6 weeks from first day on site to submission of final report.

Eglin AFB is home to the Air Armament Center (AAC) and is one of the four product centers in the Air Force Material Command (AFMC). The mission of Eglin AFB is to support the AAC and the several tenant commands and associate units with security services, to include civil engineering, personnel, logistics, communications, computer, medical, and all other host services. There are currently about 17,000 employees at Eglin AFB. More than $27 million for energy and an additional $872,000 for water was spent in the year previous to the audit.

Because of the diversity of services located at Eglin AFB, energy assessments were performed on a variety of buildings including research, administration, maintenance, dormitories, warehouses and hangars. This audit primarily targeted the identification of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) for each audited building and the development of capital improvement projects that are justified based on their potential energy savings. In addition to observation of existing equipment and current operations, a computer model of each building was created and analyzed in eQuest. The criteria for an acceptable project include:

  • Cost savings of $100,000 or greater
  • Savings-to-Investment Ratio (SIR) of 1 or greater
  • Simple Payback (SPB) of 10 years or less

SEA identified seventeen (17) ECMs as meeting these criteria.

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