Southern Union State Community College


Location: Opelika, AL
Owner: Southern Union State Community College

SEA is currently under contract to perform CxA building commissioning services for Southern Union State Community College (SUSCC) for a combined total of 115,000 square feet of conditioned space. We are currently performing enhanced commissioning process for two buildings in the construction phase for the Opelika campus. SEA is commissioning all energy using systems including the building envelope, HVAC and controls, domestic hot water, and lighting controls. This project also included building envelope air pressurization and depressurization testing as well as Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB).

1. SUSCC – The Center for Integrated Manufacturing is a two-story structure containing technical shops, classrooms, a computer lab, and office space.

2. SUSCC – The Business and Technology Center will be a three level structure, containing a testing center, computer lab, classrooms, office space, and a multi-purpose meeting area.

The scope of work includes a 50% and 100% design review before the development of a commissioning plan. The commissioning plan includes pre-functional performance procedures including HVAC and controls, envelope, domestic water heating system, lighting controls, and electrical.

Construction phase responsibilities include review of envelope construction, review of major equipment installation, witnessing of component startup pre-functional test, witnessing of TAB testing, and completion of system Function Performance Tests (FPTs). SEA was also contracted to coordinate, witness, and document training for major equipment and to perform a second season building evaluation.

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