Calhoun Community College

Energy Strategy

Location: Decatur, AL
Owner: Calhoun Community College

Calhoun Community College (CCC) is Alabama’s largest two-year community college, and it has three campuses: the Decatur campus, Huntsville campus, and the Alabama Center for the Arts (ACA) campus. As part of an 2-year open ended agreement, CCC contracted Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) to develop the CCC Energy Strategy. This strategy is a supplement to the CCC Master Plan. While the purpose of the master plan is to provide a long-term vision of the CCC campus, the purpose of this strategy is to guide CCC in making sound energy management decisions.

CCC’s mission is to develop and execute an effective and self-sustaining energy management strategy that will reduce energy consumption, minimize operating expenditures, and extend equipment life.

SEA developed the CCC energy strategy by conducting site surveys, interviewing CCC staff, coordinating with GMC on the Master Plan, and analyzing the age and condition of the existing equipment at CCC.

For each strategic priority in the B-A-S-E Plan, SEA’s energy strategy provides recommended initiatives that CCC can take to achieve its energy management goals.

B – Benchmark Energy Performance – Plan is presented to map the utility distribution systems, implement a metering program, and benchmark energy performance using Energy Star Portfolio Manager®.

A – Achieve Energy Management Excellence – CCC must implement a number of energy policies, processes and projects

S – Smart Growth – The strategy for the smart growth priority focuses on establishing design and construction specifications to ensure that major renovation and new construction projects incorporate sustainable design and construction practices

E – Enhance Energy Awareness. The strategy for this priority focuses on developing and implementing an energy awareness program through initiatives that actively engage the faculty, staff, and students in the CCC energy program.

SEA also provided additional assistance in making recommendations for the energy program staffing and financing plans.

Over the next 10 years, CCC will institute a metering program, establish energy policies, implement life cycle cost effective energy projects, build sustainable new buildings, and introduce an aggressive energy awareness campaign. These activities will propel CCC’s energy program forward, allowing it achieve its vision of being ACCS’s flagship energy program.

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