Alabama State Capitol Building

Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Owner: State of Alabama

SEA began the commissioning process at the Alabama State Capitol (ASC) August 2017. We were tasked with investigating air quality issues, life expectancy of existing HVAC and architectural damage.  The ASC is a six story, 132,500 square foot building that receives heating and cooling from the chiller and boiler located across the street at the State House.  The building has 43 air handling units (AHUs), four fan coil units (FCU), and 16 exhaust fans.

SEA performed tests on all 43 AHUs which included performing airflow traverses on supply, outside, return ducts, pressure drops across the air handler, filters, coil sections, and comparing sensor values against actual measurements.  SEA also performed pressurization testing and thermography on the building envelope and inspected the chiller and boiler plant.  The direct digital control (DDC) system with pneumatic actuators was also evaluated.

SEA concluded the investigation identifying a series of issues such as restrictions in the supply and return air ducts, challenges with the pneumatic control system, high humidity levels, and poor ventilation at night.  In addition, SEA compiled a list of issues for each of the 43 AHUs which included a priority list of repairs that needed to be performed. Repairs included coils that needed to be cleaned, condensate pans that needed to be repaired, and sensors that needed to be recalibrated.  Some other recommendations included major controls upgrade, installation of dehumidification program on AHU’s, chiller and boiler plant decentralization and interlocking of exhaust fans without air. With all of this, SEA developed a short-term and long-term capital improvement plan for the capitol, which outlined steps to take to correct these issues.

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