Alabama Forensic Science Building

Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Owner: Alabama Department of Forensics


The Robert Clinton Hatch Hall Forensic Sciences Building is shared by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and Alabama State University (ASU). The 50,000 square foot 8 year-old facility incorporates state-of-the-art forensic sciences laboratories, computer labs, a mock courtroom, instrumentation laboratory and a criminal logistics laboratory for instruction in techniques used to examine evidential material. 


The owner of the facility is Alabama State University. Two tenants occupy this building: ASU students and the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences Montgomery Forensics Lab. 

Relative to the operations of the forensics lab spaces, the following concerns are:

• Overall building success can only be achieved when all building systems are operating optimally

• Building envelope is allowing substantial amounts of water infiltration during rain fall

• Damage of instrumentation and test equipment is possible

• HVAC system unable to provide positive pressure environment 

• Inability to maintain temperature and humidity lab requirements

• Conditioned air space is inconsistent

• High concentration of airborne fungi particles

• Forensic testing may be compromised and DNA migration may occur

SEA was hired to implement a phase commissioning process; develop contract documents for systems repair/replacement; oversee construction and optimize the systems.

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