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Adtran Corporate Headquarters

Retro Commissioning and Continuous Commissioning

Location: Huntsville, AL
Owner: Adtran Inc.


AdTran is a global supplier of products for communications and networking. Adtran’s headquarters is located in Huntsville, Alabama. The Huntsville complex consists of three towers. The facility is used for research and development, administrative purposes, manufacturing, distribution, and food service.


In 2012, SEA was hired to perform an ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit of the headquarters complex. The findings were used to influence the client’s five year budget process of capital projects and assist with their energy efficiency goals. This included reducing their annual electric cost of $2.4 million dollars.

Since 2012, SEA has implemented multiple energy savings upgrades. Through SEA’s partnership with Texas A&M’s Energy Systems Laboratory and their proprietary Retro-Commissioning/ Continuous Commissioning® principles, multiple energy savings strategies and projects have been idenfified and implemented. Some of the improvements are listed below:

  • Identified and solve existing operating problems – this involves a thorough review of the systems and their operations in a facility
  • Improved building thermal comfort and indoor air quality – look for problem areas with facilities, find their root causes and improve occupant conditions for the facility users.
  • Minimized building energy consumption – take a critical engineering review of the use of the facility and how best to serve those uses
  • Minimized building energy cost
  • Provided knowledge-based and hands-on training to in-house facility management staff . We involved AdTran staff in the complete process so that stakeholders were a part of the solution.

Projected Annual Savings for Phase II are $33,61.00 and projected savings for Phase III are $106,530.00.

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