New Executive Order Highlights Energy Savings Potential in Federal Buildings

In keeping with the government’s continued focus on energy sustainability, President Obama has signed a new Executive Order, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade. Successful implementation of the EO will cut the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent over the next decade from the 2008 baseline while also saving taxpayers up to $18 billion dollars in avoided energy costs. The executive order outlines a combination of more efficient federal operations, which will promote innovation while also reducing spending.

Here are the highlights of the new EO:

• Ensures 25 percent of their total energy (electric and thermal) consumption is from clean energy sources by 2025
• Reduces energy use in federal buildings by 2.5 percent per year between 2015 and 2025
• Reduces water intensity in federal buildings by 2 percent per year through 2025

The EO was written with the express purpose of promoting building energy conservation, efficiency, and management through a number of different measures such as:

• Remote building energy performance assessment auditing technology
• Demand management programs
• Utilizing the Energy Star Portfolio Manager

The full text of the Executive Order is available of the White House website.