NASA Administration Building 4494 Achieves LEED Gold

The NASA Administration building 4494 is an existing building that was undergoing a major renovation.  Formerly, the building was used as a railroad-shipping depot for ordinance in World War II, a storage facility, a fitness center and exercise facility, and Children’s Day Care Center.

An all-women workforce laid the original exterior terracotta block walls in 1942 during war time. The new use is as an administrative office building for NASA campus security personnel. It is approximately 10,700 sf in one story.

Total project budget was $1,192,545.  Existing conditions include 80% of the interior having been removed and refitted with open cubicle spaces and other single user offices and other spaces.  The building energy use was improved by an amazing 57% achieving 19 LEED points in the energy category, along with increasing ASHRAE ventilation rates by 30%.  The project achieved 71 points making it fall within the 60-79 point or “GOLD” range.

For more information about this project, you can go to the US Green Building Council website at