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SEA provides comprehensive energy solutions to laboratory and research industry manufacturers that translates into reduced energy consumption and increased cost savings while providing enhanced occupant comfort to scientists and technicians.

SEA can assess and characterize ways to optimize energy investments for laboratory and research facility infrastructures and manufacturing facilities of all sizes. In an economy where scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs play a prominent role, research laboratory facilities are evolving by the day. Core laboratories represent increasingly important operational and strategic components of institutions’ research enterprises, especially in bio molecular science and engineering disciplines.

Laboratory and Research facilities are challenged by hosting instruments and technologies that are too complex and expensive for individual investigators to own, operate and maintain. The proliferation of these facilities, however, has drawn calls for a careful assessment of best principles for their operation. SEA can provide a framework to help these challenges and opportunities facing core and mixed use facilities by providing energy guidance and consulting services to keep researchers and lab technicians comfortable and safe.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

“SEA stands above the rest. This is an amazing team to work with. No other engineering firm has ever compared to what SEA has been able to do for our facilities. This was proven when ASHRAE honored our work with their Technology and Innovation Award and featured it as the cover story on the ASHRAE September 2020 Journal. SEA’s results are second to none.”

Kelley Whalen, ADTRAN Facilities Supervisor

Proven Experience

SEA Can Help Your Laboratory and Research Facilities Obtain Optimized Environments for Increased Efficiency

SEA provides commissioning and building optimization services to the laboratory and research industry. Recently winning an ASHRAE award for Innovation and Technology at ADTRAN in Huntsville, AL and being featured on the cover of the September 2020 ASHRAE Journal, SEA has provided facilities with energy assessments and retro commissioning solutions that bring big energy savings results. Some of our most recent successes include work we have provided for the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, J.B. Taylor Diagnostic Laboratory and more.

Proven Experience