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SEA aids in the optimization of energy consumption for conditioned manufacturing spaces, resulting in cost-savings and improved occupant comfort for your hardworking teams.

How We Optimize the Manufacturing Market

Great innovation is often the result of confronting a challenge and devising a unique solution to overcome it. At SEA, we believe that overcoming obstacles requires a symbiotic relationship of partnership and teamwork: We strive to identify and achieve common goals.

Even though we rely on the growth of the manufacturing markets as a solid foundation for the country’s economy for both current and future economic growth, optimizing the facilities they use is critical.

One of the most difficult challenges that manufacturers face is maximizing profits while maintaining or reducing operational costs. Because manufacturing facilities and building systems are complex, every resource available must use cutting-edge technology to be environmentally sustainable.

As one of the leading energy efficiency consultancy firms in the Southeast, SEA is ready to help any manufacturing facility achieve optimal energy efficiency for a lower environmental impact and help save overhead operational costs.

How Much Energy Does the Manufacturing Market Utilize?

The manufacturing industry in the U.S. is currently responsible for nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and costs nearly $100 billion in energy bills each year. It is more important than ever that manufacturing plants adapt and become more energy efficient.

SEA can assist your team in meeting these challenges by collaborating with individual manufacturing sites and their parent companies to save money through energy efficiency improvements.

We can also assist you in meeting ENERGY STAR challenge goals for your manufacturing site to establish an energy intensity baseline by setting a 10% reduction goal, implementing energy efficiency projects, and tracking energy usage to verify the savings.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions For the Manufacturing Market

Our firm offers a broad range of full-suite of energy efficiency services that can help you reduce your electricity and energy consumption while providing you with the latest technologies and strategic thinking for optimal results.

  • Facility Engineering Services
    Facility Engineering Services. Our cross-functional team of professional engineers and licensed architects evaluate the infrastructure of your manufacturing facilities and their reliability for critical requirements using SEA’s team of skilled and experienced energy consultants and the knowledge that they have developed over the years.

    As facility engineers, we offer a comprehensive list of services and care for newly constructed buildings and those with aging infrastructure; we will ensure that they operate at peak performance. Our team will act on behalf of the client and property owners to ensure the process runs smoothly. From the initial auditing phase to engineering and development phase, you can trust that our firm will guide your team to optimization.
  • Energy Assessments and Audits
    Energy Assessments and Audits. The auditing and assessment phase forms the foundation for any energy management plans. During the auditing phase, our team will determine where your most significant expenditure comes from and how to resolve the issue. When it comes to improving your impact and energy consumption, an audit will allow you to benchmark where your facility currently stands—while proposing the best possible solutions suited to your needs and operational requirements.

    Auditing and assessment are the first step in the process of becoming efficient and improving your operational costs. Energy consultants can use the audit reports to develop several proposals, which include ways that your facility can save on energy bills, including energy production, usage, and solutions such as natural gas or renewable energy sources.
  • Commissioning and Building Optimization
    Commissioning and Building Optimization. Once the initial auditing phase is complete, the next step is commissioning and optimizing your building. During this phase, energy engineers will begin the task of energy retro-commissioning services.

    The SEA team of experts will discuss your options and help guide you through the best possible solutions, walking you through implementation each step of the way. Our team will work hand-in-hand with a network of esteemed contractors who understand efficiency at its core and how to ensure any future upgrades are easily feasible.
  • On-Site Energy Management
    On-Site Energy Management. SEA boasts a full-time team of on-site energy professionals who can improve the effectiveness of energy programs by providing a comprehensive range of subject matter expertise and energy management support. The team offers an on-site analysis of current operations, equipment, and energy purchasing programs. Any of SEA’s on-site services are retrofitted to your needs.
  • Resilience and Sustainability
    Resilience and Sustainability. As a value-added service, we offer more than just energy expertise through a comprehensive “Energy as a Service” solution that aids in establishing a framework for operational effectiveness for any manufacturing plant, whether small or large. Our services are also scalable, with the option to expand at a later stage.

    With our tailor-fit services, SEA has become a trusted partner in navigating the difficult path of maintaining efficient, self-sustaining operations that are not dependent on the public grid.
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
    Alternative and Renewable Energy. Sustainable and alternative energy has become vital in this day and age. In industries that place significant strain on the national power grid, such as manufacturing, it is crucial to be on top of the latest advances in energy. Our team of energy experts is experienced in offering the latest technologies that are suited to the manufacturing industry—and provides the best in renewable energy sources where possible.

Proven Expertise: Our Portfolio

We have a diverse portfolio of work at SEA, and we have assisted large-scale manufacturing operations in utilizing solar power to power the entire plant and commissioning buildings for optimal performance. Our extensive list of projects includes a long list of tailor-made energy solutions to meet the needs of each client, which means we can find the right package for you and retrofit it to include any additional customizations needed. Contact a member of the SEA team for a complete list of our previous projects.

Proven Expertise

SEA Can Help You Optimize Your Conditioned Space in Most Manufacturing Settings

SEA is proud to be the chosen construction commissioning provider for AIRBUS and other manufacturers across the Southeast. From textile manufacturers to pulp and paper as well as chemical and pharmaceutical, we’ve done it.

From new construction to existing infrastructures, our work in the manufacturing space assists industries in optimizing their energy initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Energy cost-savings are a result of the energy conservation measures we discover.

Proven Experience