SEA provides comprehensive energy solutions to hospitals and medical office buildings for optimized energy consumption that translates into cost savings, while enhancing occupant comfort for patients and staff.

Facility managers must address the challenges of older hospitals and medical buildings while staying compliant and creating a safe, comfortable space for patients and staff. Taking care of aging infrastructures is not an easy task. Facility managers have to maintain the systems the buildings run on while also factoring in preventive maintenance schedules. They also have to decide how and when to incorporate new technology while maintaining safety and compliance.

At SEA, we can help you address the challenges with older buildings to keep them safe and operational with a dedicated approach that goes beyond just “fixing what is broken” and hoping that the rest of the operation stays up and running.

SEA can help your team respond to keeping patients and staff safe as a number one priority, especially buildings with older infrastructures and aging HVAC systems. We also support the design and build of newly constructed medical office facilities.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Proven Experience

SEA Provides Building Optimization for Healthcare Settings to Improve Patient Comfort and Increase Energy Savings

From physical therapy and surgery centers, to physician’s plazas and hospitals, SEA has provided comprehensive energy solutions and commissioning services for both new construction and expansions as well as renovations to ensure optimal comfort for your patients and staff. Some of our most notable clients have included Walter Reed Military Medical Center, PeaceHealth Care System, Grandview Physicians Plaza and helping Weed Army Community Hospital become the first ever LEED Platinum Hospital.


Proven Experience