SEA optimizes energy consumption in schools and on campuses that translate into cost savings, putting more money back into the classroom, and providing enhanced occupant comfort for students, faculty and staff.

By improving energy efficiency in your school or on your campus, you can save money, reduce your campus’ carbon footprint and demonstrate environmental leadership. By partnering with SEA, we can help you benchmark and improve energy performance by making a commitment to save energy and money to put back into the classroom. Our team of professionally licensed engineers are experts in providing comprehensive energy solutions. Using our expertise, we can help your team enhance building optimization through commissioning and building automation services. By installing building-level energy meters, your campus can pinpoint the sources of energy waste and eliminate it. This granularity of data allows you to compare similar buildings and focus on energy-intensive spaces.

We can affordably help your team respond to keeping students and staff comfortable, especially buildings with older infrastructures and aging HVAC systems. We also support the design and build of newly constructed schools.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions for Schools and Campuses

Proven Experience

Whether Your Facility is a 4-Year University, Community College or K-12 School, our Engineers Will Help You Put More Money Back into the Classroom

SEA is a proud partner with the Alabama Community College System for Commissioning Services, but our work doesn’t stop there. We are also instrumental in performing commissioning on new construction and older infrastructures to ensure occupant comfort for learning environments. SEA is not only sought after for University buildings, but K-12 as well.


Proven Experience