SEA optimizes energy consumption in schools and on campuses, resulting in direct cost-savings, more money in the classroom, and improved occupant comfort for students, faculty, and staff.

Energy Consultant for the Education Sector

At SEA, we understand that education is at the forefront of the world; without it, we cannot thrive or function. It is imperative that valuable funding is kept where it belongs—in the classroom, where it can make the biggest difference. Educational facilities often carry significant historical value and age and are not always energy efficient. This can lead to excessive costs and expenditures, which is generally unnecessary. By partnering with SEA, we can work together to help you benchmark and improve energy performance: We will commit to saving energy and money in the long-term.

Taking a Leap Towards Energy Efficiency

Our team of professionally licensed engineers and energy consultants specializes in providing complete energy solutions. We can help your team improve building optimization by providing commissioning and building automation services. You can save money, reduce your campus’s carbon footprint, and demonstrate environmental leadership by improving energy efficiency in your school or campus. 

Using energy audits and assessments, we can benchmark your energy usage and find impressive retrofitted solutions that can help keep your building remain focused on education and not overburdened by operational costs. With many competitive and innovative solutions, such as installing building-level energy meters, your campus can pinpoint its energy waste sources and eliminate them. This granularity of data allows you to compare similar buildings and focus on energy-intensive spaces.

We can affordably help your team respond to keeping students and staff comfortable, especially in buildings with older infrastructures and aging HVAC systems. We also support the design and build of newly constructed schools and colleges.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions for Schools and Campuses

How exactly can SEA help your education facility? SEA has several energy management solutions that suit your needs. Our full suite of services ensures that each project is taken seriously and assessed for the best possible outcomes, whether the facility is a pre-K center or tertiary education facility, such as a college or university.

  • Facility Engineering Services
    Facility Engineering Services. Our cross-functional team of professional engineers and licensed architects is tasked with assessing the existing infrastructure’s reliability and critical requirements for SEA’s energy consulting practices and engineering services.

    We will act on behalf of our clients and property owners to ensure a smooth transition from the initial energy audit to the implementation phase.
  • Energy Assessments and Audits
    Energy Assessments and Audits. As a vital part of the process, the initial audit and assessment phase can help benchmark your facility’s energy usage and where improvement can be sought. These assessments have an in-depth range and can offer a clear overall view of where you stand as well as proposed fixes.
  • Commissioning and Building Optimization
    Commissioning and Building Optimization. For many energy retrofitting services, the action part of the process is commissioning and optimizing your facility. The SEA team will implement the proposed and preferred measures. Our team will collaborate with a network of reputable contractors who understand the fundamentals of efficiency and know how to ensure future upgrades are feasible.
  • On-Site Energy Management
    On-Site Energy Management. SEA provides full-time, on-site energy professionals to improve the effectiveness of energy programs by offering a broad range of subject matter expertise and energy management support for on-site analysis of current operations, equipment, and energy purchasing programs. Our on-site management services are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Resilience and Sustainability
    Resilience and Sustainability. We provide more than just energy expertise as a value-added service by delivering a comprehensive “Energy as a Service” solution that aids in establishing a framework for operational effectiveness. SEA has become a trusted partner in navigating the difficult path of maintaining self-sustaining, efficient operations that are not reliant on the public grid.
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
    Alternative and Renewable Energy. In the age of innovation, it is vital to be on top of the latest advances in sustainable and alternative energy, especially for educational institutions. Using alternative or renewable energy can help supplement long-term costs and improve the quality of life for those who make daily use of the facility. The SEA team of energy experts is experienced in offering the latest technologies suited to an educational facility’s demands and providing the best in renewable energy where possible.

How Can Educational Buildings Achieve Energy Efficiency?

It is vital to ensure that all sectors reduce carbon emissions. There are many ways in which the education sector can implement efficient energy strategies. Schools and colleges are no different. We understand that such facilities can place significant strain on the power grid; there are many ways in which they can be updated to acceptable levels for an improved carbon footprint.

Replacing an aged-out HVAC system or switching to LED lighting can not only improve the quality and comfort levels of students and staff members: It can also help reduce overall expenditure on energy bills. To discuss what your facility can do to improve energy efficiency levels, get in touch with a member of SEA for a tailored and customized energy audit that includes a comprehensive energy management proposal.

The Benefits of Energy Management for the Education Sector

Looking at the benefits of energy management plans, you can see they are vast. These include:

  • Renewable Energy Management. Implementing renewable energy solutions can significantly reduce your facility’s carbon footprint while lowering operational costs.
  • Long-Term Costs. Reduction in operational and long-term overhead costs, including monthly expenses and upkeep costs for maintenance and future upgrades.
  • Setting a precedent and demonstrating the benefits of a transformative environment can help inspire future generations to be more energy-efficient.
  • Improved Comfort. One of the most significant advantages of implementing an energy management strategy is the improved comfort of each building’s occupants. As occupant comfort improves, so does the work environment, functionality, and workflow.

A Proven Track Record of Success

Whether your facility is a 4-Year university, community college, or K–12 school, our engineers will help you put your money back where it is needed most: the classroom. SEA is a proud commissioning services partner with the Alabama Community College System, but our work does not stop there.

We also play an essential role in commissioning new and older infrastructures to ensure occupant comfort in learning environments. SEA is sought after not only for university buildings but also for K–12 schools.

Our portfolio of energy management projects is vast. It includes several outstanding educational facilities, including the Rane Culinary Science Center at Auburn University, the Athens State University Chemistry Lab, West Point Military Academy, and many more. Get in touch with us to explore the complete list of our previous projects.

Get in Touch with SEA for Energy Solutions for Schools

If you are ready to improve your facility’s energy output while drastically lowering your monthly expenses, contact SEA for advice on where to begin and schedule an initial energy assessment. Your faculty and students will thank you for establishing a new precedent and making energy-saving decisions!

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