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SEA works with Commercial Property Owners to optimize buildings through energy conservation measures that reduce consumption, increase energy cost-savings, and improve occupant comfort.

Trusted Energy Consultant for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings have high energy requirements and can strain the nation’s power grids during peak periods. Creating efficient office buildings and commercial spaces ensures a steady supply of affordable power and significantly reduces business operating costs. For this very reason, commercial property owners must tap into expert engineering services for their facilities to develop best practices for better building initiatives that will result in a cleaner, more sustainable, and cost-effective future.

Who Needs Energy Consulting Services?

Energy consumption is something that many business owners face regularly. New constructions need to be designed and developed to ensure that they operate at peak performance while maintaining a healthy environmental footprint. For this reason, all new developments must consult with reliable energy efficiency consulting firms such as Sain Engineering Associates.

Improving energy efficiency is not just for new construction. Many pre-existing buildings need to be upgraded to use less energy: Even historic and impressive buildings such as the Empire State Building have been retrofitted to save energy and improve overall efficiency. SEA will help you research and develop best practices to reach better building initiatives for a cleaner, more sustainable, and cost-effective future.

SEA Commercial Energy Consulting Services

Whether you own a commercial office building or simply lease space, it is critical to understand that older structures can still be efficient and improve their energy-savings. While the Department of Energy works to design and execute cost-effective solutions for increasing efficiency and lowering the cost of powering commercial buildings, implementing these solutions is often left to energy efficiency professionals. With our professional engineers and certified commercial energy consultants, SEA can assist in implementing these solutions.

Regardless of a property’s age, implementing energy efficiency measures can provide a new look as well as a more comfortable environment for its occupants. To keep occupants comfortable and safe, SEA can assist building owners in implementing significant benefits with energy efficiency measures such as lighting upgrades, building automation systems, and plug control. We also help with the design and construction of new buildings to achieve peak upgradable building energy solutions.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Solutions

Your operation can benefit from many different energy services, whether you need a simple report to offer insight into where your energy consumption stands or a complete retrofitting of a historic building to design and develop new properties.

We offer a comprehensive list of commercial energy consulting and implementation services.

  • Facility Engineering Services
    Facility Engineering Services
    Our cross-functional team of professional engineers and licensed architects evaluate infrastructure reliability for critical facility requirements using SEA’s energy consulting practices and engineering services. We offer to act on behalf of our clients and property owners to ensure that the process runs smoothly from the initial energy audit right through to the engineering and development phase. Our facility’s engineering services offer comprehensive care on a newly constructed or aging infrastructure; we will ensure that they operate at peak performance.
  • Energy Assessments and Audits
    Energy Assessments and Audits
    The initial audit and assessment phase is a large part of improving your impact and consumption of energy. Energy audits and assessments are the best way to gain an overall view of where your property stands. An assessment is often the first step in the process of becoming efficient and improving your operational costs. Each assessment can be used as a benchmark for improvement.
  • Commissioning and Building Optimization
    Commissioning and Building Optimization
    Commissioning and optimizing your building is the action part of the process for many energy retrofitting services. SEA will implement the proposed and chosen measures. Our team will work hand-in-hand with a network of esteemed contractors that understand efficiency at its core and how to ensure that future upgrades are possible.
  • On-Site Energy Management
    On-Site Energy Management
    SEA provides full-time, on-site energy professionals to improve the effectiveness of energy programs by providing a comprehensive range of subject matter expertise and energy management support for on-site analysis of current operations, equipment, and energy purchasing programs. Our on-site management services are retrofitted to your needs.
  • Resilience and Sustainability
    Resilience and Sustainability
    As a value-added service, we offer more than just energy expertise through a comprehensive “Energy as a Service” solution that aids in establishing a framework for operational effectiveness. SEA has become a trusted partner in navigating the difficult path of maintaining efficient, self-sustaining operations that are not dependent on the public grid.
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
    Alternative and Renewable Energy
    In the age of innovation, it is vital to be on top of the latest advances in sustainable and alternative energy. Our team of energy experts is experienced in offering the latest technologies that are suited to a building and provides the best in renewable energy where possible.

Examples of Commercial Buildings

The SEA promise:

We advocate for Commercial Property Owners with Comprehensive Energy Solutions

SEA continues to assist commercial properties by offering complete energy solutions. As the facility owner, we provide energy and water assessments—and assist you in developing the energy strategy you require, including energy efficiency recommendations, so your facilities operate with increased energy and lower utility costs.

Our portfolio includes several key projects, including Regions Financial Headquarters, the Plaza, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, and other locations. For a deeper look into our portfolio, get in touch with a member of our team.

Benefits of Taking Expert Energy Efficiency Measures

While your initial goal to getting started on improving building energy consumption might be to save money, there are most often many other benefits to improving overall efficiency. However, new and old buildings benefit in different ways with similar end goals.

Aside from the financial incentives of being energy efficient, auditing and implementing your buildings energy consumption and projected consumption can offer several benefits to any business owner, including:

  • New developments can benefit from energy management in various ways; while the initial investment may appear high, it is essential to remember that the long-term benefits are substantial.
  • Improved functionality and an improved overall environment for occupants can benefit both old and existing buildings.
  • One of the most significant benefits that can have a long-term impact on future consumption is a reduction in energy bills.
  • Energy-efficient planning can anticipate future upgrades and ensure they are simple and cost-effective to implement.
  • Energy benchmarking can show you where your building can be improved and where it performs best.
  • A building energy audit can provide valuable insight into how your business or building is performing and projected savings from implementing various proposed energy measures.
  • Another advantage of an energy audit is that it can offer a comprehensive plan with various staged and tiered solutions that you can implement in your existing building to ensure that you are working within your budgetary constraints.

There are many more benefits to taking on the task of improving building energy consumption and future building upgrades. To find out exactly how your operation and facilities can benefit, get in touch with one of our commercial energy consultants for advice, an on-site inspection, and a custom proposal.

Working with SEA to Improve Your Carbon Footprint

If you are ready to get started on your energy efficiency journey, get in touch with a member of the SEA team. As a leading energy consultant for commercial buildings in the Southeast, we can offer you access to a full suite of services that can reduce your operational costs and provide long-term benefits for building occupants. Get in touch today!