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SEA represents Commercial Property Owners to optimize buildings with energy conservation measures that reduce consumption, increase energy cost savings, and provide enhanced comfort for occupants.

Developing efficient office buildings and commercial space ensures a steady supply of affordable power and significantly lowers operating costs for businesses. Commercial buildings have high energy needs and can put great strain on the nation’s power grids during peak periods. Commercial Property Owners need to tap into expertise engineering services for their facilities to develop best practices for reaching better building initiatives for a cleaner, more sustainable and cost-effective future.

Energy efficiency is not just for new construction. Many existing buildings are being upgraded to use less energy – even the Empire State Building has been retrofitted to save energy. SEA will help you research and develop best practices to reach better building initiatives for a cleaner, more sustainable and cost-effective future.

The Department of Energy works to develop and deploy cost-effective solutions that will help increase efficiency and reduce costs of powering commercial buildings. SEA can help implement those solutions with our professional engineers and certified energy managers. Whether you own a commercial office building or simply lease space, it is important to understand that older buildings should still operate efficiently. Despite the age of a property, implementing energy efficiency measures may provide a fresh look and comfortable environment as well for its occupants.

SEA can help building owners implement tremendous advantages with energy efficiency measures such as lighting upgrades, building automation systems and plug control to keep occupants comfortable and safe. We also support the design and build of newly constructed buildings.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

“The value the SEA team brought to our project was undeniable. SEA integrated seamlessly with our staff, the architects, engineers and contractors in order to achieve a successful, fully operational and accurate project. Their ability to work with everyone, troubleshoot and speak in ways that the entire team could understand while acting on the owner’s behalf was invaluable.”

Brian Matheson, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative


Advocating for Commercial Property Owners with Comprehensive Energy Solutions

SEA continues to help commercial properties by providing comprehensive energy solutions. Acting as the facility owner, we not only provide energy and water assessments, we also help you develop the energy strategy you need, including offering energy efficiency suggestions so your facilities operate with increased energy and reduced utility costs. Read more about our work at Regions Financial Headquarters, the Plaza, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative and more.

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