Join SEA at Energy Exchange 2021!

Sain Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) is excited to participate in this year’s virtual Energy Exchange Conference 2021. If you are a registered attendee to Energy Exchange, we hope you will visit with us at the SEA booth. Once you enter the event, simply click on the Exhibit Hall and locate the SEA Logo under Additional Exhibitors.

SEA’s booth features an opportunity to chat with our representatives live throughout the conference. Additionally, you can learn more about SEA, including our capabilities, proven experience and how to join our team. We hope you will find the information both valuable and informative.

In addition to the virtual exhibit, our very own President, Brenda Phillips, has been highly involved in planning an participating in one of the technical tracks. You will want to be sure to check this track out to put your feet securely on the ground while Connecting in the Future. Does Energy Security, Resilience, Sustainability and Climate Change make you feel like you are in the Fast and Furious move franchise; do you feel most days are like Mission Impossible? Are you stuck in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away?

Practical demands for resilient, safe, efficient, sustainable and secure operations are met every day with emerging, ever-changing issues that were accentuated by the events of 2020 and 2021. There is an ever-present intensity and increasing sense of urgency that hose of us in the world of energy face each day.

Executive Order 14008 framed that urgency noting that climate change considerations are an essential element of U.S. National Security and that plans to implement a “government-wide” approach that reduces climate pollution with an increase for resilience to impact climate change is required. The EO outlines a government-wide goal to put the U.S. on a path to achieve net-zero emissions by no later than 2050.

Track 2 addresses Sustainable and Climate Resilient Buildings and Infrastructure. It covers the gamut with legislation, processes, and practical examples including EV and Electrification of Buildings. This track will discuss and present past, present and future processes to support preparedness in the Federal Government to support sustainable and climate-resilient buildings and infrastructure. These sessions will present legislation, processes and examples that support high performance sustainability buildings and energy and water management processes that support resiliency in our buildings and infrastructure which contributes to the reduction of climate change. Below are some of the sessions you will find in this track:

  • Industry Panel on the Now and Future of Electrical Vehicles
  • Innovation is Connecting the Unconnected – Past, Present and Future Connections for Resilience Programs
  • Sustainable Buildings – 2020 Guiding Principles
  • Tools for Resilience and Climate Change Planning
  • Planning and Testing for Resilient and Efficient DoD Campuses or Installations
  • Infrastructure and Climate Modeling in Action
  • Efficient, Sustainable and Resilient DoD Installations
  • Practical Approaches for Radically Sustainable Buildings
  • Building Water Resilience in the Face of Climate Change
  • Electrification of Buildings

We hope you find very valuable learning opportunities throughout this week’s Energy Exchange event. Should you have any questions regarding SEA and how we can best support you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. 1.205.979.9966 or Toll Free: 855.807.SAIN